Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here are a few images I believe to be in the public domain.  I scanned them in from a very old French dictionary I purchased recently.

A terrific image of the ever-popular Blue Willow pattern:

An adorable bird on a branch:

An unusual boat that looks like a canoe with a sail, most likely used in the islands:

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Many of you have asked how to use iron on fabric transfers.  Below is a copy of a video from You Tube that I have found to be useful.  I have no interest in the company or any of its products.

Some of the hints you will find here:

1.  Do not use an ironing board for transfer sheets.  They are designed to let heat flow through and you need to concentrate the heat on the transfer sheet.  Any hard surface with a terry cloth towel or old t-shirt over it will work, even countertops or tabletops if you are careful.  I have found a piece of smooth plywood works, and there are flat surface working units available at craft shops for many different purposes.

2.  After ironing on the image, cover the image with a piece of plain paper and iron over it again for a minute or two.  This will help to firmly adhere the image and to remove any excess ink or shine.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is here finally

I'll be putting up some summertime type graphics shortly.

Meanwhile, here is a site you might find interesting.  

And here is a blogspot with lots of shabby chic furniture.  I like that style with black and white graphics framed in old shabby chic white frames.

Some Etsy treasuries that included one of my items.   I have a couple of shops on  The ones in these treasuries are from Bren's Basement.

And finally, an Etsy treasury that featured one of my graphics from

Check back soon for some public domain graphics that I will be adding for summer fun.

Have a terrific day!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day illustrations in the public domain

Here are some more pictures from the book published prior to 1923, putting them into the public domain.  I offer these illustrations for use any time, anywhere within the boundaries of decency.  I also ask that you not sell them through digital downloads or CDs.

Father's Day is almost here and I've assembled a couple of pictures that would be great to use for handmade Father's Days cards, among other things.

These are old time, vintage pictures that have great appeal.   Here it is in its original form.

Here I have cleaned it up somewhat for your use:

What would Father's Day be without children!   Here are several vintage pictures of delightful children.  I have once again included the original copy followed by one that I have cleaned up some.

And finally, looking at the good old days when we used to have time for family dinners.  Dad will remember!

I hope you can use and enjoy these illustrations.  Check back often as I will keep adding more.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 June 7, 2011

My first blog.  I hope you will find it enjoyable.  I'm going to be uploading graphics that I find in my old book collections as well as interesting ones I find elsewhere.  To the best of my knowledge they are now in the public domain.  If anyone finds that I have uploaded one still covered by copyright, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.  You are free to use these for your projects, non-commercial and commercial.

My main interest is anything botanical or living in nature, especially birds.  You'll find a lot of examples of these on my two Etsy sites:     and

Here are today's graphics.  They come from a book copyrighted in 1912 so they are now in the public domain.  Please let me know how you like them.

A lovely springtime picture:

Another springtime one:

One more springtime picture:

Children from around the globe:

Wouldn't this make a wonderful frame?

Really cute puppy dog, lamb and bunny.  These could easily be separated for individual use.

Here are some terrific flowers that can be used for decoration:

Another decorative piece:

This one can also be used as a title or label:

A pretty row of black eyed Susans:

Finally for today, an adorable picture of a ruffed grouse family:

Check back tomorrow for more public domain pictures and have a wonderful day.