Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 June 7, 2011

My first blog.  I hope you will find it enjoyable.  I'm going to be uploading graphics that I find in my old book collections as well as interesting ones I find elsewhere.  To the best of my knowledge they are now in the public domain.  If anyone finds that I have uploaded one still covered by copyright, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.  You are free to use these for your projects, non-commercial and commercial.

My main interest is anything botanical or living in nature, especially birds.  You'll find a lot of examples of these on my two Etsy sites:   www.etsy.com/shop/graphicals     and www.etsy.com/shop/bmarinacci

Here are today's graphics.  They come from a book copyrighted in 1912 so they are now in the public domain.  Please let me know how you like them.

A lovely springtime picture:

Another springtime one:

One more springtime picture:

Children from around the globe:

Wouldn't this make a wonderful frame?

Really cute puppy dog, lamb and bunny.  These could easily be separated for individual use.

Here are some terrific flowers that can be used for decoration:

Another decorative piece:

This one can also be used as a title or label:

A pretty row of black eyed Susans:

Finally for today, an adorable picture of a ruffed grouse family:

Check back tomorrow for more public domain pictures and have a wonderful day.

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