Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day illustrations in the public domain

Here are some more pictures from the book published prior to 1923, putting them into the public domain.  I offer these illustrations for use any time, anywhere within the boundaries of decency.  I also ask that you not sell them through digital downloads or CDs.

Father's Day is almost here and I've assembled a couple of pictures that would be great to use for handmade Father's Days cards, among other things.

These are old time, vintage pictures that have great appeal.   Here it is in its original form.

Here I have cleaned it up somewhat for your use:

What would Father's Day be without children!   Here are several vintage pictures of delightful children.  I have once again included the original copy followed by one that I have cleaned up some.

And finally, looking at the good old days when we used to have time for family dinners.  Dad will remember!

I hope you can use and enjoy these illustrations.  Check back often as I will keep adding more.

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